There’s data, and then there’s information and insights. Statistics or dates or other raw numbers aren’t meaningful until they’re placed in context and analyzed to produce a story.

In my marketing career as well as in my genealogy work, I seek out and collect the necessary details in order to provide valuable narratives and next steps. The phrase “data geek” doesn’t quite capture all of this effort – how about “information hunter-gatherer”?


Hello! I’m Beth. I’m a recent transplant from Chicago to Los Angeles. I wish computers and paper archives liked being out in the sun as much as I do.


Over the past few years I’ve adopted genealogy research as my special interest. Names, occupations, migrations, narratives and more come together to create a rich mosaic of a family’s life through the generations.

A few of the ways I can assist in your journey of discovery:

  • Coaching on how to get started
  • Building a family tree in the platform of your choice
  • Researching public records, newspapers and other archives
  • Clustering DNA matches to help identify unknown ancestors
  • Restoring damaged photographs

I’m an active member of the several genealogy groups, including: